This is a non-certification class

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid:

When you’re in the backcountry, you need the knowledge and skills to get out alive if something goes wrong. Learn how to pack a first aid kit that matters, learn about symptoms and treatment of common outdoor conditions including dehydration and hypothermia, treat minor injuries like sprains through bandaging and splinting, and how to make appropriate evacuation decisions. We’ll practice first aid skills in staged wilderness accident scenarios outside of the classroom. This is not a certification class. 

About Instructor Calle Flint:

I have been a critical care RN since 2009 and managed to make my way from Austin, Texas to Seattle in 2013 after various travel nurse assignments. I immediately fell in love with Washington, more specifically the mountains. All my free time outside of work was spent exploring the outdoors and I quickly became interested in wilderness medicine. I took multiple courses on remote medicine for the advanced provider and it wasn’t long afterwards that my two passions collided. I started working medevac as a Critical Care Flight Nurse for Airlift Northwest. I have the wonderful opportunity of working closely with Firefighters, Search and Rescue, Park Rangers, Medics and Police to provide critical care both on scene and on inter-facility medevac transports. We also provide frequent training and educational opportunities for the community regarding a wide range of medical topics including wilderness first aid and survival skills.

I currently live in Seattle with my husband but recently have spent most our time outdoors prepping for our honeymoon. We recently eloped on a backpacking trip in the mountains and will be spending our honeymoon trail running Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps! 


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