Frequently Asked Questions


What Should I Bring?

  Prior to Kulapalooza, you will receive a packing/gear list. But for now expect to bring :

Personal items, any medications, a towel and maybe even a bathing suit (Yes! The lake is cold in October. But you can be guaranteed that some crazy lady will try to convince you to dive into Lake Diablo with her – and she can be persuasive. Just bring it). Pack a variety of comfortable layers – there will be plenty of outdoor time and activities, so make sure your outfits are flexible. The trails are pretty mellow, but it doesn’t hurt to bring dirt-friendly shoes with good souls. Bring a warm jacket  and headlamp (or flashlight) for the evenings and if you get cold easily, we recommend you bring a warm, light-weight backpacking quilt or blanket that you can carry to workshops and outdoor activities such as campfires. The extra layer of warmth will keep you toasty if it’s chilly.  

What happens if It Rains?

 We have requested sunshine for the weekend, however the Pacific Northwest is known for its liquid sunshine so you should be prepared for all kinds of weather – even rain. Rain is good for the soul and we don’t expect it to make Kulapalooza any less fun. Prepare to have a great time even if we have to splash in a few puddles! Bring:

· rain jacket and rain pants

· extra socks and waterproof hiking shoes or boots if you have them 

· sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat (we really did request sunshine and totally expect it).

What is the Lodging Like?

 The North Cascade Environmental Learning Center has three lodges with dormitory style accommodations.  Each room has four bunk beds. You will share your room with three other attendees. We think that this is a great way to meet new people and create camaraderie. Bathrooms are located down the hall.  While rustic, the rooms are cozy and warm. 

May I have a single room?

In order to allow as many women as possible to experience Kulapalooza, 

single rooms are not available. 

But, I snore…

We are grateful for every woman that comes to Kulapalooza and sincerely hope that our guests have an incredible night sleep. We will provide earplugs to all attendees to minimize disturbances from roommates that snore. 

What Time Should I arrive at Kulapalooza?

Please arrive between 3-4 p.m. on October 2. You will receive your swag bag and your room assignments. Take some time to get used to your home for the weekend. Meet your roommates, review your schedule for the weekend, find your classrooms, check out the lake, wander the grounds and meet us in the dining hall around 5pm. 

Can I arrive late or leave early?

Late arrivals are discouraged to prevent disruption both to the attendees and to staff manning the check-in process. If you have special circumstances and need to arrive late, please contact us. Early departures are acceptable (we’ll miss you!), but you may miss workshops and possibly the closing ceremony. There are also no in and out privileges. Also, we do not provide discounts for early departures.

Where is the Venue and how do I get there?

The North Cascades Environmental Learning Center is located at 1940 Diablo Dam Rd, Rockport, WA 98283.  It is approximately 3 hours North of Seattle and 2 hours southwest of Bellingham. Please see the directions below.  Please be sure to print a map and directions prior to arriving at the venue.  The location is remote and your phone's navigation will be unreliable.  

Waivers & Photo Releases

All Kulapalooza Participants need to fill out two waivers and a photo release.  Links to these documents are provided below and will be sent to you shortly after you register.   Please print and complete the forms as soon as possible.  Waivers MUST be received no later than September 1, 2020.   

Return These Forms Prior to Arrival at Kulapalooza

Please download, print and return the forms below prior to arriving at Kulapalooza.  All waivers MUST be signed prior to participating in the weekend.

Please return the forms

Kulapalooza Recommended Gear List

Things to Bring to Kulapalooza (pdf)