The Story of Kulapalooza

Anastasia Allison


Can be found playing her violin on mountain summits.  She lives in Everett, WA with her husband, Aaron, and two spoiled cats.


Allison Tapert


Can be found diving into cold mountain lakes.  She lives on Whidbey Island with her husband, Geoff, and two spoiled dogs.

The Essence of Kulapalooza

A dream is born.

Two years ago, Anastasia Allison and Allison Tapert met for lunch - both feeling a bit nervous and awkward about meeting for the first time. Anastasia told Allison that she was leaving her job as a police officer to pursue her dream of living an adventure-inspired life... and Allison told Anastasia that it was her dream to plan outdoor events. A seed was planted that day, and a friendship blossomed from a love of the outdoors.

Anastasia did indeed leave her job as a police officer and went on to become the violinist for The Musical Mountaineers and the founder of Kula Cloth.  Allison, an event planner in the aerospace industry, decided that she was ready to take a leap of faith and left her job of nearly a decade to plan amazing outdoor experiences. 

With a newfound sense of purpose, Anastasia and Allison both felt very called to create an event that inspired others to follow their own dreams and desires - they wanted to create an event that could, quite literally, change the world. In a really good way.  They didn't want this to be, 'just another outdoor retreat'.  More than anything, they wanted to use the powerful tool of nature to create a foundation for learning the process of deliberately creating the life that you want to live. 

Kulapalooza is the fun, quirky, wonderful, deeply life-changing event that has been born from their shared dream of creating something really special.

What's in a name

Coming up with the perfect name — whether it be for a child, a pet or even an event — is really hard. There will be those that love the name that you choose, and those that don’t. It’s like when you decide to name your first born Colby and your college roommate says, "It sounds cheesy.”  

You begin to second guess yourself.

So, two years ago, when Anastasia first asked Allison what she would name the event, Allison hesitated and said, “I don’t know. I think it will just come to us.” Anastasia asked the same question on two other occasions and Allison wouldn’t say... because she really liked the name Colby but named her son Simon instead!  

Then at the end of 2018, Allison posted a photo on Facebook of six friends showing off their Kula Cloths. She captioned the photo: Closing out the year with a little Kulapalooza. Anastasia responded that “it should be an event.”


Kulapalooza it is!

Kulapalooza may sound a little weird, but it has special meaning to us. You see, Kula is a Sanskrit word that means community. It’s been used to convey a sense of inclusion and belonging.  And we really like that.  We don’t know where Palooza came from or even what it means, but we thought it sounded like fun! So, we combined the two to create a really amazing event to build a community of friends that inspire each other to live life to the fullest. 

To accomplish this, we’ve taken some of our favorite activities: like art, music and the outdoors and mixed them with essential back-country skills like map & compass and wilderness first aid… then we added elements that helped us find clarity and made us smile (mediation and rock climbing). With the help of world-class instructors, Kulapalooza was born. 

We are both so incredibly thrilled to experience this weekend with you and we know that it will be just the beginning of an incredible trail of joy and self-discovery. 

We hope you love Kulapalooza as much as we do!

-- Allison and Anastasia -- 

A Few of Our Instructors

Charlotte Austin


Adventure Writing

Adventure Writer & Mountain Guide

Anastasia Allison


Backpacking Basics 

Kula Cloth / Musical Mountaineers

autumn schrock


Outdoor Photography

Autumn Schrock Photography

Tracie Mitchem


Hiking and Trail Running 

Claire Giordano


Watercolor Painting

Claires Wanderings

Angel Mathis


Story Telling

Boldly Went

Wendi Barker


Self Defense

Tiger Marshall Arts

Chelsey Schultz


Self Defense

The Ninja Gypsy

Calle Flint


Wilderness First Aid

Airlift Northwest Flight Nurse

Callie Moore


Wildlife Awareness

Washington State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

Rose Freeman



Musical Mountaineers