Wilderness Watercolor

We will explore the amazing possibilities of watercolor to represent our favorite places through the tools of value, composition, and a limited color palette. This workshop will teach you some of my favorite wilderness painting techniques and will help demystify the complexity of landscapes. It is ideal for painters of all skill levels, and everyone will go home with a painting they create.

About Instructor Claire Giordano:

Claire is a painter and writer exploring how art can forge connections between people, place, and science. Her work is grounded in firsthand outdoor experiences and painting outside on-site during hiking, backpacking, and climbing trips. In her workshops Claire strives to share how the fun, versatile, and unpredictable nature of watercolor can be a tool for capturing both how a place looks as well as how it feels to experience it.

Her work has been featured in Alpinist magazine, by the REI Journal and Force of Nature publication, Stay Wild Magazine, She Explores, and the Waymaking anthology of women’s stories. In addition to commercial work for local outdoor companies like REI, Claire collaborates with scientists to blend art and data and was recently an artist in residence at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest.