A Few of Our Classes

Landscape & Nature Photography


Capture Mother Nature's beauty through the lens of your camera. Learn to shoot cascading streams, mountain lakes, fall foliage and more during this 3-hour class.  We'll discuss camera basics including: aperture, shutter speed and ISO. You’ll also learn the importance of good lighting and what makes great composition.

Beginning Watercolors for outdoor adventurers


  Learn six basic watercolor techniques that we will combine to paint any mountain landscape. This workshop is perfect for beginners and everyone will leave with a little painting, plus skills to continue painting on future mountain adventures. Come ready to play, take risks and have fun. 

Wilderness Watercolor & Monochrome Magic


 Wilderness Watercolor: Demystify the complexity of landscapes and learn how to interject your paintings with feeling using the tools of value and composition. Ideal for painters of all skill levels, and everyone will go home with a painting they made.

Self Defense for Outdoor Women


Learn classic, self defense skills to help you feel safe and confident in every outdoor situation. This 3-hour class will focus on the ABCs of personal safety including mindset, situational awareness, risk reduction, and techniques to make your travels worry-free and enjoyable. Hand getaways, ground self defense & more.

Navigating with Map and Compass


Learn to use your map and compass to confidently make your way in the wilderness. Learn to read a topographic map, plan routes, take bearings, find true north, pinpoint your location through triangulation and navigate by following a bearing. After class instruction, we’ll test your knowledge with exercises in the field.

Backpacking Basics for BackCountry success


   Don’t head into the backcountry without the skills and knowledge to make your trip safe and fun! This course is “packed” with instruction on the latest lightweight equipment, “Leave No Trace” practices, trip planning, water treatment, backcountry cooking, campsite selection and more. Gear will be on hand for you to evaluate. 

Wilderness First Aid


 When you’re in the backcountry, you need the knowledge and skills to get you out alive if something goes wrong. Learn how to pack a first aid kit that matters, treat minor injuries like sprains and fractures through bandaging and splinting, and practice first aid skills in staged wilderness accident scenarios.  

Wildlife Awareness


When you travel in the backcountry, you are surrounded by wildlife that you may never see.  Learn to identify wildlife tracks, and other signs of the animals that surround you including: beavers, rabbits, raccoons, coyotes, bears, cougars, and birds of prey.  This class promotes safe and peaceful co-existence with wildlife. 



 This 3-hour canoeing course is for everyone that loves the water. We’ll explore the inlets of Lake Diablo and work as a team to navigate the currents in an 18-person Salish Style canoe. Tandem canoes are also available for paddling.

Guided Visualization - Your Ideal Day


 Kick off your day with a guided visualization exercise designed to help you reveal your ideal day.  Anastasia Allison will use prompts to help you focus on what is truly important to you, so that you can visualize the things that your soul craves. From there, you can take small steps to turn your dream into reality.

Yoga for the heart and soul


Class Description Coming Soon

Stuck to Summit: Blazing Your own Trail


   Do you feel like you are just, ‘going through the motions’? Does it seem like every week is just a means to an end? This workshop is designed for anybody who is looking for ‘more’ in life, but isn’t sure exactly where to start, or somebody who knows where they want to go, but is feeling unsure of the steps to make it happen. Through tangible steps and a pragmatic process, learn the way to start allowing (not forcing) your life to fall into place.