Hiking & Trail Running


  All of our trail runs and hiking activities offer guided adventure over a variety of terrains, distances and altitudes. Both of these activities are best experienced by participants who are healthy and in good fitness with at least some experience hiking and/or running. Participants should ideally arrive rested and be comfortable running and/or hiking over the variety of terrain, temperatures, grades and altitudes that they will encounter. Participants DO NOT need to be advanced competitive runners, or trail hiking beasts to participant. In fact, our hiking and trail running options are designed to be enjoyed by beginner to intermediate experience levels. Participants are encouraged to run and/or hike at paces they find comfortable and choose distances each day that best suit their comfort level. Whether you prefer running shoes or hiking boots, come out and enjoy the trails! We will depart on foot to trailheads surrounding our location at the institute for guided hikes and runs.

About Our Trail Guides and Running Gurus

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Beth Baker hated running & it took her a year to train for a 5k. Then she was hooked, and started helping friends start running & created Running Evolution 13 years ago. Since then she has made over 2000 new runners. She launched Coach Running Evolution Certification to train people to coach new runners. These days she travels the world to help runners get into the sport on retreats and clinics. She also loves music and beer.